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Welcome to my pages on automobiles. I've recently put up a few more car reviews. Also, this is a great article on All Wheel Drive vs. Rear Wheel Drive vs. Front Wheel Drive!

The car above is a BMW E36/2 3 Series Coupé modified by Racing Dynamics, powersliding through a curve. Although easy in the snow, in the dry it takes the proper combination of skill and vehicle setup to maintain this delicate balance. It is therefore one of the most exciting vehicle attitudes to attain or just to see in action. Here are some Tail of the Dragon photos and videos. See pictures of driving in the snow.

I have worked on an in-depth suspension page, and a suspension analysis page has also been added. There are also the unfinished catalog of the BMW E46 3 Series wheels and the My Tires page.

The technical section provides brief discussions on automotive details, while the applications section has some invaluable applications for the automotive enthusiast and tuner. Unfortunately I don't have much time nowadays to update these automotive pages.

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