*Applications for the Automotive Designer and Tuner*

Application (Setup Program) Creator (Homepage) Description
AutoWare Incorporated Computer Software AutoWare Incorporated Around 30 very valuable applications on powertrain, chassis, diagnostics, etc.
Bowling's Automotive Programs Bruce Bowling A page full of Java and CGI script programs related to engine design. Simple and pretty accurate.
CarSim Educational Mechanical Simulation Corporation Comprehensive vehicle dynamics simulator for the car designer and the curious.
DamperPRO Presspley Source code for quarter-car model suspension tuning.
DME Editor Jim Conforti of
Bonneville Motor Werks
Although specifically designed for BMW's Digital Motor Electronics, this editor is designed to adjust ignition timing, top speed limits, etc., with a Windows based interface. You can also see your adjustments in the form of a timing map.
Dynamic Response Presspley Race car simulation with the ability to take input from data loggers.
ISAAC Instruments data acquisition software ISAAC Instruments Windows based real time data acquisition system for a race team.
SusProg3D SusProg3D Suspension geometry and kinematics program with excellent graphics and good user interface.
Tire Size Comparitor [sic]
Chris J. Cooney The best tire size program I have seen. Includes wheel offset, fender clearances, speedometer changes, etc.
Tuning Toolox Garrett Lim of
Garett Integrated Automotive Corporation
A simple but very useful program. Incorporates a dyno calculator, transmission RPM <-> road speed calculator and a displacement and compression ratio calculator.