*2004 North American International Auto Show in Detroit*

Our group was invited by ZF (A driveline and chassis technology supplier) to the 2004 North American International Auto Show in Detroit on an industry preview day. This was my first time at this auto show. I thought it was quite busy already, but apparently on a public day, it would have been much more packed! Hard to believe...

Here are some photos. I didn't bother taking many photos of new cars since we can get better photos online nowadays. Instead, I chose to capture some interesting and not-so-easy-to-get photos. Click to enlarge.

ZF Steering Systems.jpg (169358 bytes) We started at the ZF booth, and this is a showcase of their various steering systems.
ZF-BMW Active Steering.jpg (182112 bytes) Here's the Active Steering system designed by ZF and employed by BMW in the new E60 5 Series.
ZF-BMW Chassis 1.jpg (193156 bytes) This sort of shows what ZF does. I believe at least part of this is from the BMW E65 7 Series. You can see the active anti-roll bars.
ZF-BMW Chassis 2.jpg (177600 bytes) Here's the rear.
NAIAS Top View.jpg (200516 bytes) Here's a view of one corner of the show, from the floor above.
Ford S197 Mustang Front.jpg (194650 bytes) Now this is MY car, as in the one I work on. It's the 2005 Mustang (S197), and it attracted much more attention than I had expected.
Ford S197 Mustang Side.jpg (185804 bytes) I don't know what's with the BF Goodrich tires though because they aren't the approved tire as far as I know.
Ford S197 Mustang License Plate.jpg (93629 bytes) Ford had lots of fun with these aluminum license plates. The one on the Mustang said, "MADE IN DETROIT...AS GOD INTENDED."
Ford Shelby Cobra License Plate.jpg (113078 bytes) On the Cobra concept car, it said, "MADE IN DETOIRT...AND WHAT A FINE PIECE IT IS."
Lamborghini Gallardo.jpg (179448 bytes) This overexposed photo does no justice to the Lamborghini Gallardo...
Land Rover Tire.jpg (158353 bytes) Yes, a Land Rover tire, with the logo on the tread?!
Porsche Carrera GT Rear.jpg (204980 bytes) As close to a race car suspension as you can get on a street car. This is part of the Porsche Carrera GT. The anti-roll bar link is longer than the coilover spring/damper unit! And of course, the ceramic composite brakes.
Nate and 26 Inch wheels.jpg (184251 bytes) My coworker, Nate, beside the 26" wheels and tires. I don't remember the size from the show, but according to The Tire Rack, it could only have been 305/30R16!
Harris and 26 Inch Wheels.jpg (206095 bytes) I just had to get one myself too.
Negative Camber.jpg (215306 bytes) This one redefines wheel travel and negative camber (both are things that my section works on). I'm guessing around -5 degrees static!
Spinner Fuel Filler Cap.jpg (201246 bytes) First, spinner wheels. And now spinner fuel filler caps. Yes, it does spin!

Windsor and Detroit River in Evening.jpg (133946 bytes)

And for my non-Detroit friends, here's a view of Windsor from Detroit, just across the half-iced Detroit River. Uh, the ZF logo is a reflection.

Windsor at Night.jpg (62394 bytes)

Here is another part of Windsor, later at night obviously.
GM Renaissance Center at Night.jpg (149220 bytes) This is the GM Renaissance Center. And for those who don't remember, I do work for Ford, not GM :)